Liberated Souls

The story so far, part 2

The next morning, the adventurers meet with Brindol City Councilmember Eoffram Troyas. Though the rest of the Council is hesitant to trust the lives of seven kidnapped souls to outsiders, Troyas has seen these adventurers in action and believes that the guard cannot be spared for a rescue mission when the city may be on the brink of a new war. He commissions the party to bring back the missing citizens and recover several artifacts stolen from the Great Hall of Valor. The party interrogates a goblin prisoner being held in the stockades in the town square and discovers that this new “Red Hand,” led by an individual named Sinruth, is based out of the ruins of Rivenroar Castle. Arriving there, the party finds that the castle itself is all but gone – only the foundations remain – but an underground tomb on the castle grounds proves to be where the Red Hand is based.

It is, as one would expect, hardly a hospitable location for heroes. Sneaky is very nearly eaten by a drake. Bork gets chewed out by a bitter old woman who’s barely appreciative of being rescued – though on the other hand, he also wins the attention of an attractive young priestess of Ioun who is among the hostages. Aramal, a little too eager to light the undead on fire, nearly gets run down by a pair of ghouls. But the party ultimately prevails, killing Sinruth and routing his group as well as destroying the undead remnants of the Rivenroar family and their allies. Along the way, they find evidence that Sinruth and his band were likely not associated with the same Red Hand of Doom that invaded the Elsir Vale a decade ago – but they did have some dangerous allies. They had come to an agreement with the Rivenroars, who themselves had secretly forged a pact with Vecna in pursuit of their own eventual return to power. On Sinruth’s body, the party also finds a note from an individual identifying themselves only as “The Emissary” which encouraged the Hand to attack Brindol, seizing hostages and other spoils.

The party returns to a grateful city with five of the seven missing alive, the bodies of Guard Captain Citas Kartenix and his son Thurann, and all of the missing artifacts. Kella pledges to Kartenix’s widow that she will find a way to raise the son.

Troyas, pleased that his gamble on the party has paid off, asks them to do him a favor: Carry a sealed note to Beldan Bronzeblade, Quartermaster of the City of Overlook. He says the note contains a requisition for supplies to rebuild the town and bolster its defenses in light of the attack. He also provides the party with riding horses, which he says they may keep as gifts in thanks for their efforts. As the party sets out from Overlook, the elf ranger Talandur stays behind in Brindol to help train new militia recruits in the use of the bow.



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