Brindol is the central settlement in Elsir Vale and the site where the campaign began. Though its population is smaller now than it was before the Red Hand invasion ten years ago, it continues to serve as an important hub of commerce. A council of hereditary landlords and local guildmasters governs the city. The recently built Hall of Great Valor displays a number of museum pieces from the Red Hand invasion.

About 6,700 people live in Brindol itself with another 1,000 within a five-mile radius, mostly humans, half-elves, and dwarves but with a smattering of the other races. The city found its prosperity through farming, most notably apples and pears. A dwarf named Adronsius also runs a highly successful alchemy business which is well-known throughout the region.

The city was the site of a massive siege during the Red Hand invasion, but its people rebuilt quickly after the army’s defeat. Today, it thrives as both a hub of economic activity for those in nearby villages and a popular stopover point for caravans crossing the Elsir Vale.

Services available in town include several inns and taverns including the Antler and Thistle, a trading post/general outfitter, a smithy, and Adronsius’ shop. There are also temples to the following gods: Erathis, Ioun, Pelor, Sehanine, Bahamut, and Avandra.


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